Lisa: The Licence Plate

After we got out of Olympus, which might I add is so scary and intimidating that you feel like a sardine in a sardine can, we ran right to the car since it had started to rain. We were sitting in the car, debating on the fastest way to Tartarus. We knew we had to get to Los Angeles, and from there, we could enter the underworld.

"We have to fly," said Kat, "it's the fastest way,"

"In a plane? What baout Zeus? Are you crazy!?" said Cyrus. I wasn't understanding.

"What?" I asked.

"Zeus is already angry at Ray for some reason, and if he's in Zeus' domain? That'll be just peachy," he replied sarcastically.

"I don't get it!" said Kat.

While Cyrus and Kat had a heated argument about why it was/wasn't ok to fly, Ray and I looked out the windows gloomily. We were still parked just outside the Empire State building. I looked out the back window of the bus and saw A car parked in the alley way. I had a habit of memoring numbers, so I memorized the licence plate, since I had nothing better to do. L7H AR8Y. Easy enough. After it was commited to memory, I was about to turn around, when something caught my eye. In the alleyway, something glinted in a ray of sun peaking through the gray clouds. It was a sword, I could see it clearly now. Why would someone in New York hav a sword. I made sure I had the licence plat before turning around again. L7H AR8Y, L7H AR8Y I kept repeating it, knowing that I'd see it again.

The End

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