Zarion: They are moving. Wait where is my sword?

After Eva asked her question " What do you think it is like up there?" They walked out of the state building.

" Finally." I muttered. I went to check the hilt of my blade it wasn't there.

" Wait where is my sword?" I asked.

Eva looked sorta angry. Like you've been sitting here for the last hour or so , and you haven't noticed it gone.

" How?....." The Ares kid interupted.

" For leadership of the group." He said with my sword in hands.

Ediot I swore I was going to knock him out and leave him if he did anything stupid.

" You seriously are one stupid F@*& ." I swore.

I sped forward and kicked him directly in the stomach. My sword fell from his hands, and I caught it casually.

" There is no leader in this group." I said taking the hilt and dug into his head.

" Sorry bout that. Did you see where they went?" I turned around.

The End

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