Ray: Well, that was a great start

         Okay, im not really a nervous kinda guy, i can stand infront of my school easily, i can preform if i need to, im not afraid of being infront of crowds. But when it came to standing infront of the 12 olympion gods i was terrified.  Every Single one was staring at me like they wanted to destroy me. Im starting to think going into the depts of hades will be easier then this.

       I Looked at Zues, he had an insanely serious look on his face. He looked like he would kill me if he had to. Nice dad eh?

  "Uhh...Hello Father, i am Ray." I said nervously

"Yes Yes  i know who you are" he snapped back

I cringed, hearing him talking as angry as he was towards me made me fear for my life.

"I've come to recieve my  quest!" I Said faking that i was Brave

 Zues looked at me with anger in his eyes, then he sighed and all the anger was released, Now he just looked annoyed.

"You know this quest is lethal, some of the most powerful HalfBloods have went into the pits of Tartorous and havn't survived, are you sure you can do this?" He replied

"Anything to prove my love for the gods..." I said smugly

The End

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