Justin: Introductions to the Max

I stepped through the invisible barrier that surrounded Camp Half-Blood, and a weird feeling attacked at my skin. It would've hurt if the pinching was harder, but it felt good. After a while the feeling went away.

The grass seemed greener from inside the barrier. Everything looked more vibrant; colourful. I tried my hardest not to be spotted as I ran behind a tent. I looked around to see if anyone was looking. Nope, I was good. I closed my eyes in concentration, and cupped my hands. I sensed a stream nearby- that was another gift I had; sensing water- so I commanded it with my mind to appear in my cupped hands. I manipulated the water to make it a a sheet of water. I looked at it, using it as a mirror.

I looked normal for a human. All except from my eyes. They were very vibrant blue- you would notice it from the other side of a room. I had black hair that fell down to my eyebrows; I had a pale face; and apparently, I looked good. But I didn't count that, as I'm half god. My name is Justin. Just Justin; no second name.

My powers included controlling water, and making small earthquakes. I could control and talk to horses as well.

"Hey," a girls voice said from behind me, "who're you?" she asked. I sighed and turned around,

"I'm Justin- son of Poseidon." I introduced myself. Realization glittered in her grey eyes.

"Oh, right. Follow me." She ordered. I did, and she took me to a person I recognised.  My friend; the one who told me about this place. I smiled,

"Hey Darren," I said, "this place is great! So, what do you do here?" I asked excitedly,

"Hey, yeah, everyone does loads of stuff here, but nobody really knows me, so I don't get to go anywhere." He explained sadly,

"She knows you." I exclaimed, nodding towards the girl with the grey eyes,

"Yeah, I sent her to get you; she comes in this place now and again. Nobody knows she comes here." He said.

The End

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