Minerva: It's Minie

"Mother, come on, we're gunna be late!" I say, playing with a random glass ball.

"Minie, stop playing with that, you'll break it. I'll be ready in a minute," I rearranges her armor.

"Yeah well, if I break it then I'll get more knowelge in how to not break glass balls. You're always going on about how I don't have much knowelge in some... okay, most, subjects."

She laughs under her breath, "Now then dear, I know you're only young," she turns and puts a hand on my cheek. "You are aren't a full goddess... Don't pull that face, you're just as powerfull as me... well, almost."

"Yeah yeah yeah. C'mon, you know what Zeus is like when you're just a couple of seconds late, imagine what he's gunna do to you as we're, ooooh, an hour late!"

"That late," she tilts her head to the side slightly, a small motherly smile forming on her lips.

"What you expect? Old people always take forever."

"Oi, you little minx," she tickles me again.

"Mum......stop....it...." I gasp out between breaths. She laughs at me, "Alright then Minie, let's go."

We link arms and walk down the crystal corridor. It makes me laugh when people pre-judge  my mother, because of what happened to Troy. She is really a lovely person, well, she is to me - obviously. She isn't too pleasent with Ares though, they went all 'ahhh' with each other when Troy fell.

It really is a good thing that she was born a woman, at least Zeus didn't try to eat her... I hear Zeus' booming voice echo through our corridor.

"Uh-oh," I mutter under my breath as my mother and un-link our arms. "Someone's in a bad mood...."

"Hmm, we're going to have to sneak in."

"Ooooh, stealth mode... I like it...."


"That went well," I mutter, Mother goes up to her full height, sholders squared, back striaght, head in the air. I stand tall too, unfortunatly for me I take after my father a lot too. I don't seem as proud, mind I am only thirteen.

"WHAT TIME DO YOU CALL THIS ALTHENA?" Zeus roars, the sky crackles, his breath is a wee bit raw.

"I was sleeping, I had to teach a country how to survive on their own... again, I may just add. It help oh so very much if you didn't keep sending lightening bolts down there every odd week!"

He growls at her, and turns to me.... Uh oh. "WHAT ABOUT YOU MINERVA? WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE?" He roars again.

"Ok, A) don't yell, I can hear you perfectly fine, thank you very much." He growls, "Animals growl, not Gods." I hear other gods mutter and some chortle at my frankness. "Oh, and B) It's Minie, not Minerva. Minerva's so old sounding... No offence Mum."

"Non taken dear, Zeus, she was with me learning the ropes." Mother says, folding her arms. I laugh under my breath and smile my biggest, hugest smile at Zeus as he glowers at us.  

The End

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