Eva: conversation.

'Do you think they will find out about being followed before or after the first time they need help?' Zarion asked me after a period of silence. I started at conversation, but I was glad of it. Anything to get that son of Ares off my mind. Besides, this Zarion had a good character about him and my father always taught me to keep good characters close. They came in handy at times of need, he said.

'I don't know,' I hesitated. I didn't know if it was just me, but I got a feeling. 'I'm not sure, but I get a gut instinct that they already know. Or maybe they have a slight presence of us, but they aren't registering it. I can't explain.' I rubbed my forehead. It seemed like they did know, or maybe just one or two of them.

'Gut instinct or special power?' Zarion asked. I turned to him, half-frowning.

'I don't think I have any useful special powers.' I muttered. 'Well, besides my judgement of character, I don't think.'

'I wouldn't say that' Oh great, the son of Ares had rolled up again and was flexing his muscles about, as if this would suddenly change my opinion of him. 'I think you have been pretty well gifted.'

'Please don't make me not like you,' I felt my lip curl whenever he was in the vacinity. Which I suppose would become a frequent reflex. 'I already have an instant dislike to you.' I looked up towards the building, shading my eyes with my cupped hand to keep out the glaring rays of the sun. It was strange to see the sun so bright without feeling a majority of the heat. Growing up where I did, my father and I were always blessed with a warm climate, and lately I'd been wearing more layers. America didn't quite compare to a small island off Cyprus, understandably.

'What do you reckon it's like up there?' I asked out loud, succombing to my curiosity. I imagined my mother up there, swaying and elegant. She would walk around in comfort, careless. Oblivious, perhaps, to the dangers of the world? My mother's sole purpose of creation was to satisfy the dreams of men with her form and to create love. Then again, love can be dangerous as anything physical.

The End

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