Zarion: When will it finish?

I step out of the car we had parked on closed off alley near the empire state building.  I put the hood up on my long jacket. Don't need em spotting me from the tower. I thought. Eva steps out disgusted by the Ares kid.

" Stupid isn't he?" I ask.

She nods in agreement. I lean up agianst the wall.

" So the gods are up there now. Talking to them." I say rhetorically. 

I fidgeted the handle of my sword slung on my back hidden under my jacket. I needed to make this  sword a little less inconspicuouse. When will they finish this meeting? I say 10 minutes after they entered the building.

" Do you think they will find out about being followed before or after the first time they need help?" I ask Eva trying to start conversation since my patients ran out.

The End

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