Minerva: Daughter of Athena

"Mother, mother....." I whisper, trying to wake her up. I bite my lip in temptation as I look at her golden helmet, I swear I'm the only one to see her without her helmet, I think she may have been born with it... Not that, that would be surprising of course, she was born a woman, never a baby. From the side of Zeus' head. Creepy.

I give into temptation, and creep around her large, lavish bed. I pick the helmet up carefully, she turns and moans in her sleep. I snigger, grab a brush from the table.

"WAKE UP!!!!!" I scream, banging the insides of the helmet with the brush.

"Wha- Minie-..."  She turns over to me, peeks through her hair which is all over her face. I see her eyes widen as she yells, "MINERVA! PUT MY HELMET DOWN, NOW!" Her voice, cold hard, eyes narrowing in the at the corners.

My mother, the goddess of wisdom, skill and war. Trying to intimidating me, her thirteen year old teenager. Me, who just laughs in her face.

 She gets out of her bed, taking a new approch, and tickles me around my waist. I double over in more laughter.

"Oh my baby, my baby. You are just like me when I was young." She says softly, removing my helemet from my grasp.

"It also helps that my name also means Althena, just in Roman." She hmms in agreement. "I swear you born a fully grown woman," She smiles at me in acknowelegment. "From the side of Zeus' hea-"

"Ok that's enough, no more human myths thank you."

"Ahh, but Mother. I need to know, I do have most of your powers y' know."

"Except for wisdo-"

"What do you expect Ma, I'm thirteen years old and you're older than the dinosaurs!"

"I am not!"

"Prove it." I fold my arms in front of my chest. 

"You," She copies me. We look a like my mother and I, we're both tall, slim, biggish eyes, even if I am barly thirteen. I was luckly, I was allowed to stay. Mother gets dressed into her robes - as always.

"Mum, y' do realise that robes went out of fashion, um... two thousand years ago."

She points a lean finger at me, "Shutit you. I like to keep with traditions, unlike you. In you're modern clothes."

"Hardly, these are older than me!" I say, pulling at the bottom of my white summer dress, which goes down to my knees. They like me to keep in touch with the history, so most colours are out of the question, I have a broach with a side view of my mother on, with dark blue background. I have silver galdiator shoes and my dark wavy hair in a messy bun, a pearl hair clip keeping it all in place.

"You look lovely dear," she replys rearranging her hair in her helmet. One thing I know for sure, if I ever become the next 'Athena' then I am never wearing that helmet! Although, it would be nice to have a capital city named after me - or rather my mother.... I smile at my mother and help her with her armor.

The End

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