I was quite awestruck. Zeus! But he held my attention for only a moment. I looked around, wanting to see others. I saw Iris, just leaving on some errand. She left behind her a trail of iridescent sparkles.

"Nadine..." Kat said. She clung to my arm, as I clung to hers.

"I know." I said solemly. "I- I'm going to find- if she's here- of course..." We both knew the unspoken name between us.

"Me too. My..." Kat said. We seperated, despite that I wanted to be near someone at least part mortal. I saw Aphrodite, and quickly looked away. I fingered my golden apples that I still kept in my pocket.

"Go back to your group, Nadine." Hestia said. I couldn't resist the calm, kind look in her eyes. It almost made me scream. I turned away, and promptly walked towards a dark corner... how any part of Olympus could be dark, I know not. A few figures stood there.

"Nadine?" someone asked. I turned around. "I am Nyx." Night? That explained the dark corner. My grandmother.

Someone else came forth. "Nadine!" I rushed forward into the comfort of my mother's arms. She smiled. "How have you being doing, daughter?" she asked.

"Mother! Great! If it had not been for Cyrus, son of Helios, I could have caused so much chaos! Discord!"

"Good girl." she smiled approvingly. "Wish you to meet your aunts and uncles?"

I smiled. "Of course! Especially Apates, deception!" I was led around by my mother. I smiled from ear to ear. It seemed I had more friends that I thought. There were others that liked suffering and discord. There was even my half-brother, Strife. I spent quite a bit of time talking to him.

"Dear, get back to your group now." my mother said. "I shouldn't have shown you around, but I did. You must go back to the land of the mortals. Goodbye, sweet one..."

I found Kat, and she looked sad. "I haven't found him."

"Yet." I said. "Keep looking."

The End

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