Cyrus: Mount Olympus

We entered the Empire State Building, a rag tag bunch of kids in a huge, posh building seemed weird.

We entered the Elevator.

Looking at the number, I opened a hatch at the top and pressed the button.

The lift shot up higher and higher, my stomach had left me somewhere along the third floor as it sped onwards.

"500th floor," a womans voice called through a speaker, "Mount Olympus."

The doors slid open.

It was beautiful. The first thing I saw was a small marble bust of Annabeth Chase, architect of New Olympus.

There were like a million steps heading up a mountainside with marble buildings built into the deep brown. Statues of gold and bronze depicting all of the many Gods and Goddesses as well as pavilions. Many deitys and spirits wandered around, they greeted us with cheerful faces, some stared warily at Ray, the son of Zeus, they were anxious about the outcome.

Over the side of the mountain were thick cottonbud clouds that overlooked all of the world. I could see almost everything, but my sight was drawn towards a flash car near the Empire State Building, in an alleyway waiting for us. I heard them talking about keeping behind. I got used to Eva's presence in my sight, I wanted to check up on her, some feeling in me hoping she would be alright.

I didn't tell the others we were being followed.

"Isn't it beautiful Cyrus," Lisa's voice snapped me out of my reverie.

"What..? oh right er yeah, but I've kinda already been here," I muttered. I remembered when Annabeth showed me, a long, long time ago.

They gasped and questioned me.

"I'd rather not talk about it," I said, and they stopped talking.

As we approached the top we entered a large courtyard with fountains and statues with a marble pathway leading to a huge temple like hall with pillars and steps leading to a massive entrance.

We entered the Council of the Gods, there were several gigantic thrones, and on them sat the Gods.

I knelt down and the others copied.

"Up," Zeus boomed, "speak!" he ordered.

"Okay Ray, you're up," I gestured towards them. He looked at me, for the first time there was a little fear in his face. Just a little. I tried to look comforting but even I was scared. The Gods of Olympus have that effect.

The End

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