Eva: 'an unholy alliance'

I saw Zarion look over as we drove along. I know it was a bit rude not smiling back or anything but I was just so in awe. Those skyscrapers....I'd never seen anything like them before. Looking back my life on the island did seem slightly sheltered. But my father only wanted the best for me; everyone's parents do. But still, he could have taken me to the city every now and then. Because these buildings were breathtaking. It's amazing how people build these without any divine help at all. There's an ancient temple on the coast of the mainland that was built to my mother, but of course now it's all ruins and rubble. But these looked like they could last for a million years.

'We're almost here.' I was hauled out of my curious trance by the son of Ares, who cut into the silence violently. I looked up, and exchanged confused glances with Zarion. Surely we couldn't be here yet. The son of Ares sat back and then looked at me again. I shuddered inwardly. 'Soo...you want to meet up sometime?'

'What?' I was pretty disgusted, to tell the truth. 'Your father and my mother had an... unholy alliance.'

'Yeah? And?'

'And that means I don't want to go anywhere near you!' I realised this was a bit harsh so I tried to backtrack a little. 'I mean, I can tolerate working alongside you but I know what kind of person you are.' And I did.I could tell straightaway he was no good. He was aggressive, as Zarion could testify; he tried to mask his anger toward his father through macho acts.

 He growled and shuffled in his seat. 'Well I don't even think you're that hot.'

The End

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