Zarion: That'll be to obviouse

A sleek black car pulls up.  The Are's kid looked impressed.

" Since when did we get awesome cars to travel in?" He said checking the car out.

" Well wouldn't be obviouse they're are getting tailed if there was another Camp bus right?" I said putting empaphsis on right. Cause the guy probably didn't have two brain cells to rub together. He looked at me angrily.

" C'mon lets just go." Eva said.

" Okay." I said hopping into the back of the car.

I was sort exited for this mission. Its going to be fun assasinating enemies and not have them see a thing. A smile grew on my face.

" It sorta sucks , we can't show our faces unless it  is completly necessary." Eva says.

" I guess , but I also like the idea of helping them. Without their knowledge" I said.

For the rest of the trip we spent looking out the window watching the landscape pass by which melted into modern skyscrapers that casted an unatural shadow on the ground. I looked over at Eva I hate to say it but I kinda like her.

" Almost there." Ares kid anounces from the front.

I wanted to say No way we can't possibly be there.


The End

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