After that embarressing scene that clumsy Ray started, and the very boring bus ride, we were there. The Empire State building.

"That would be fun to bring that down." I whispered to Kat. She smiled.

"Death." she agreed.

"Sorry to interrupt your plotting of the next Trojan War, but we have to go." Cyrus said. I sneered at him, and turned to Kat. She was shielding her eyes. We went inside, and there was no way to describe my happiness. I could just imagine making it topple. My mother would be so proud.

"You know, my half-brother's name is Strife." I said, thinking. "That's cool. Also, I'm related to Charon."

"Huh." Kat said, and she smiled.


"C'mon guys! We're going up!" Ray said. Sighing, Kat and I followed him.

The End

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