Lisa: I'm sorry

"Woah," I said when we came out of the bus. I was standing in front of the Empire state building, playing limbo with an invisible sick as I tried to see the top. "It's HUGE!" I said, straightening up and stretching my back, "Ouch," Ray  laughed at me as we went inside.

I looked around for Cyrus, who now had a visor on. I went over to him and tapped it with two fingers, "Nice hat," I said.

"Thanks," he smiled, "Oh yeah, your Dad says hi,"

"My D-Dad?" I said.

"Yeah, I met him," he said, as if this was something casual.

"You didn't tell me?" I said, getting angry.

"You were kinda busy," his eyes flicked over to Ray, and my heart lurched in my chest at Cyrus.

"Oh," I said, my anger seeped out of me. "Listen, Cyrus, I'm sorry. I know you invited me to this camp so I could get away from my mother and we could hang out. I'm sorry, again,"

I saw a smile threaten it's way onto Cyrus' face.

"It's ok," he said, opening his arms and hugging me, "Just, promise you'll at least acknowledge me from now on,"

"I promise," I said, sticking out my pinky, "Pinky swear," he laughed but shook my pinky anyways. Then, Ray called us over.

"Come on Guys! We're going up!"

The End

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