Ray:Lets start my first quest

       So we all piled in onto the bus. Kat sat in the very back, i guess i didn't make a good first impression on her earlier. I sat down in an empty seat near the front, where i always used to sit on the bus back home.

"Uhh..Ray?" asked someone beside me

"Yah?" I said as i turned to see it was  Lisa.

"Mind if I uh..sat here?" Asked Lisa Nervously

"Sure" I said moving over to give Lisa some room

"So..are you nervous?" she asked

"A little. But hey im the son of zeus, if any monsters try to hurt us..I'll fry them" i said laughing

"haha..yah." she replied

   I have to admit,  I was starting to like being around Lisa. So we talked the whole way to New york. Then, the bus stopped out side the empire state building..well..i guess it was time to meet my Dad.

The End

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