Kat: Clumsy

    Kat zipped up her hoodie. "See how it zips up all the way."  Kat twirled to show off her new black skeleton hoodie. The hoodie had a design of the upper half a skeleton that glowed in the dark. It zipped up all the way to the top her head; there were eye holes were the skeletons face was imprinted on the hood.

     "So what do you think?" But before Nadine could answers something had knocked her legs out from under her. Kat fell on Nadine taking her down with her. 

      Something heavy had landed on me Kat thinks.

     "Get off me!!!"  Kat glare up at him. Ray screams like a girl when he see's her in the hoodie. She push him off unzips my hoodie and glare at him, and then turns to help Nadine up.

Kat glares at Lisa who is laughing like crazy.  When the bus comes Kat make sure she's the first one on. She leads Nadine to a seat in the very back.  Away from Cryus. Away from Lisa. And away from the clumsy Ray! 

     Kat suddenly wants this quest to be over!

The End

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