Zarion: speed, Aid , and stupidity

Oh great fantastic , we got two smart people and one incredibly thick , unstealthy fighter type. I wanted to protest his Mr D's choice but that could mean no go so I kept my mouth shut.

" So I take it we are leaving as soon as possible to get to the empire state building. By the time they stop talking to the gods." I say

" Yes." He replied.

" Ok so we all meet at hill after packing." I nod to the others.

" Be sure not to reveal your presence to them then you mission will become futile." Mr D points out as we walk out the door.

I run to my small amount of provision, and packe them in my simple hiking bag. My newly made weapon and wait at the hill Exitedly  for Eva , and the Ares kid. Not so much the Ares kid though. I swear if he does anything stupid I'll will knock him out, and leave him. As I waited I began to think about my Auntm becaues of the wind on her saying my blond hair always w . She always said my blond hair always blew in the wind like hero hair. I hated that remark, and still do. I lived with my aunt because my mom disapeared the night I was born.  At the foot of the hill my blue eyes caught Eva running up with her bag. Now to wait mr war.

The End

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