Eva: we want in.

We stood in the doorway of Mr D's office. I'd never been here before but I'd found it a few days ago. The curiosity again, I'm afraid.

'Well?' he sat with his arms crossed, an unimpressed look on his face. I don't blame him: Zarion had already been in more than one fight with that son of Ares (but technically it was the other guy's fault) and daughters of Aphrodite inherit a reputation for trouble from their mother.  I cleared my throat and lifted my chin: my father always said that good posture was good for speeches and commanding the attention of a room, but I made sure that I wasn't thrusting my chest out at the same time. I didn't want that kind of attention.

'We would like to join the quest's secondary team, please.' I tried to be polite.

'Yeah,' Zarion piped up. 'We want in.'

'Well....' Mr D shuffled some nearby papers in an effort to look busy. I could tell he was not one to just let campers do what they wanted: we would have to prove ourselves. I motioned to Zarion and he continued.

'Mr D, we would be perfect for the job. Eva and I are both gifted. I of course have powers of super speed and can manipulate the wind, and Eva...'

'I'm trained in first aid.' I smiled nervously. 'and I have good judgement of character. I think you will agree that this is good for assessment, and for checking for frauds...?'

Mr D looked at us again and then sighed. 'Well, we do need a secondary team.' Zarion and I exchanged triumphant grins. 'However. We need a team of three. I have assigned another to accompany you.'

He motioned behind us and we turned to see that son of Ares from before. He looked me up and down with a cocky grin, and half-smiled, half-glared at Zarion.

'Aren't we going to have fun.'

The End

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