Lisa: Slips, Spills and Laughter

So, Kat, Nadine, Cyrus, Ray and myself were standing at the top of the hill, waiting for a camp bus to come and get us and drive us to the Empire State building in New York so that we could meet with Zeus before heading to Tartorous. When the van pulled in, Cyrus, Kat and Nadine walked down the hill but Ray and I went to collect our bags from under the pine tree. I grabbed my shoulder bag (not purse) and slung it across my chest and Ray put on his back pack. I looked down at the ground, making sure I wouldn't trip over any rocks and I saw Ray's shoelaces were undone.

"Ray, your sho-" I was cut short as Ray tripped on his shoe laces and tumbled down the hill. He cart-wheeled and flipped and I'm pretty sure I heard him scream like a girl. When he reached the bottom, her knocked into Kat's legs and took her out who took out Nadine. I collapsed.

I heard protests at the bottom, but I couldn't see anything. My stomach hurt and tears streamed from my eyes. I was rolling at the top of the hill. Laughter flew from my mouth.

"Lisa?" said Cyrus, running up the hill, "Are you crying?"

"N-no!" I choked out between my giggle fits. That had been hilarious. I clutched my sides and wiped my face, my black hair sticking to it where it was wet. I couldn't control my self. Kat's face, and Ray's scream, and Nadine! I just started laughing harder.

Eventually, I was able to make it down the hill, a giggle bursting out of my mouth every now and then when I re-lived the moment in my head. When Cyrus and I reached the bottom, there was grass all over Ray, and Kat and Nadine were both rubbing their elbows and trying to fix their hair. The laughs came back and shook my body as we got in the van, ready for New York.

The End

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