Zarion: Forging a great broadsword

"A lot of the world is based on face value, and desire." Eva said

" True." I say , " Now if you could excuse I was supposed to show up to the forge." I said trying not be rude , " I'm sure we'll be on that team." I say  Then take off to the forge.

" Zarion just on time. Your making yourself a great broadsword."  A coach says

" A great broadsword, those are little heavy , and big to wield." I say

"The wieght won't be an issue. The length however will be awkward.Unless you do it right." The coach smiled.

I was never any great at metalwork but insisted on taking it anyways. Luckily one Hephausetus kids finished early and walked me through the steps. When it was done it was an obsurdly long blade, and thick blade that I had inscripted wind on it side in greek. I Picked it up it was surprisingly light and the length wasn't actuall to bad seeing that it was meant to be 4 feet long. I adapted to be able to adjust the hieght  to 3 half feet because this was going to be a my own weapon. 3 half feet was still to long for my liking.

" Even though you had help Zarion it is impressive blade. Do you have a name for it?" He asked

" I was going to name it windblade but I have friend that would tease me to no end how lame that sounds." I said with a chuckle.

"Why would you even relate the blade to the wind?" 

" Just look like this pierces , and swing with the wind." I said.   I swinged it around  it was well balanced.  I thanke the Hephaustes kid , and asked his name. He didn't tell me his real name just says he likes to go by Iron. I thought that was lame.

I met with Eva agian. 

" Do you want to go ask Mr D if we can go on the secondary team?" I ask


The End

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