Eva: team mates.

'A secondary team?' I wasn't so sure whether I was quest material but I didn't want to be left behind with the other Aphrodite girls. I mean, they were all nice...but they were more the girls that Lisa thought I was. It saddened me, to be painfully honest. These girls weren't showing the clever calculating side to my mother. And the other boys weren't too clued up either. I still had that eleven year old whose legs would buckle when I walked past. Funny...but not intellectual company. That's why I liked Cyrus. And this kid. 'I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Eva.' I smiled and held out my hand. Manners were taught to me by my father-he valued a true lady or gentleman.

'Zarion.' He took my hand and I was glad that his palm wasn't all sweaty, like those of the mainland boys. 'Yeah, I reckon we could be taken onto this secondary team. I don't know about your powers but I'm....' he smirked. 'Well, let's say I'm pretty quick.'

I laughed. 'I know you're the son of the god of the wind. Speed would come naturally. I'm not really gifted in a practical way...' I trailed off.

'But you seem clever.' He motioned to the mirror. 'It was your idea to bring that, wasn't it?'

'Yeah. But I do know a bit about people's impressions. A lot of the world is based on face value and desire.' I grimaced-lust was a sin.

The End

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