Zarion: Track n aid

"You didn't get proper punishment for your fight."  Mr D said

great lecture time. I was brought in here for a freakin lecture. By the time it was done it was in the afternoon. I went to go watch the Snarky Zues kid go. While I was walking up the Aphrodite girl who was yelling at the Ares kid was giving a mirror to Cyrus. Interesting. 

" Pretty large team you've got here. Aren't you a little afraid of detection.  I may be new to this place but isn't clear that it should stay as a team of three?" I ask and get no replie. 

" So your left out too?" I ask the Aphrodite girl.

" Yeah"

" On the way here I heard of secondary team thats to follow hidden Behind this oversized one. Just to keep on eye that the son of Zues doesn't tread to far off course. Also to give relief in battle since most of them are inexperieced warrior. Say Cyrus." I tell her quietly.


The End

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