Eva: magic mirror.

I waited outside the cabin, where Cyrus, Lisa, the son of Zeus-I think his name was Ray something- and the two troublemakers were. I knew it was petty but I did feel pretty left out. I tried to remember what my father would tell me, to take a deep breath and count all of the things that make me lucky. Ok...


That was about it. Or it was to everyone else. I like to think I'm clever, and that I have good judgement of character, but nobody else did when it came to a daughter of Aphrodite. If I had been daughter of Artemis or Athena everyone would have looked at me in much higher esteem. I know that Cyrus had done his best to accept me, which I liked. And the Zarion boy too. It's not often that guys greet me with more than a 'Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Hi.' I'm not kidding. But Lisa...she still hated me. And I hadn't even done anything wrong. I know that she imitates me, I've heard her. But she isn't imitating me at all. I don't even say "like"! I was home-tutored by the best-my tutor thinks I'm rather well-spoken. She was damaging my confidence a bit but I knew I just had to talk to her later and we'd clear things up. But first they had to come out of the cabin...

About an hour later everyone walked out, talking and whispering and laughing. I wish I'd been in there too. Lisa took one look at me and I saw a reflex curl of the lip, as she linked arms with Ray and took off. Was she worried I was going to steal him? Because I had no such intention. Instead I walked over to Cyrus and held out the mirror.

'Sorry, what's this?' He looked at it in a confused manner.

'Well I gathered you're all going on a quest.'

'How did you-'

'Just a guess. But it makes sense. My father used to tell me about the sons of Zeus going on quests to prove themselves. It's nice that he wants to take you along.'

'Hmm.' Cyrus sounded less than convinced.

'Well...' this wasn't going as smoothly as planned. 'Here's a little ...aid. I got this from my mother for my twelth birthday. It's the mirror of desire.' Trust my mother to give me something with "desire" in the title. Typical. 'The person who looks in it sees what they really want. When used in the hands of the very narcissistic, it can drive a person insane.'

'Wow. Eva, I can't take this. It's a gift from your mother.'

'No, really' I shoved the handle into his palm and forced his fingers round it. 'It makes a very good distraction. And I know how you like breaking the rules.' We both shared a smirk as we remembered the coke. Just then the official who'd called the others in turned to me.

'What are you doing here?'

The End

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