Kat: Friends stick together

 "  Can Nadine come to?" I ask.

  Everyone turns to look at me like i've just grown another head.

   "Well she's my friend. I don't know any of you people. It would be nice if Nadine could come to."

   "No." Cyrus frowns.

    "Why not? Nadine could be a big help. Her mother is like particuly related to Hades right? Trouble and hell firt perfectly together. So why not bring her?!"

   The others looked at each other.

    "I'm not going without Nadine." I crossed my arms over my chest and poked out my lower lip.

   "Fine then! Bring the trouble maker!"

    I smiled and walked over to my friend giving her a hug. "Looks like we are going on a quest together!"

The End

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