Zarion: Feels like.

My newly made friends got called to mission with that Snarky Zeus prat who I saw fight with a sword he might be worth something to the lower classes. But he probaly couldn't beat my speed.  He also arrive about the same time I did and recieved a mission. Bull. I bet he would have mutual feelings.  I quicky run off to the sparring grounds. I wanted to release some anger.  I sit there consectuively beating every single unworthy compitor till that ares kid comes in.

" You destroyed my honor as son of Ares. I challenge you to rebuild it." It was simple and sounded like fighting words.

" Okay Pick you weapon of choice." I say happily in anticipation to see my skills against someone worthy. He picke up a lance and started the fight.

He did two fast moving jabe and a slice up, and down.  I allowed him to dodge me by milimeters for heroic effect. Then I showed him he didn't stand a chance. I ran beside him scrating his heavey armour with the tip of my blade creating sparks.  The crowd watched in awe.  I waited for him to turn around swinging his lance like an amatuer. I jumped up and onto his lance giving me a good height in the air. I then came down splitting his armour.  He looked pissed and leaned in to punch me. I apear behind him. 

" Anger kills." I kicked his foward lurching body to the ground.

" Agai..." I was about to say but A snotty messenger came by and Interrupted me

" Zarion your wanted."

" Okay thats interesting. Are's kid agian some time okay. Your fun to fight."  I said teasing him.

I wonder what they wanted.

The End

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