I was hiding outside. A satyr had some up and took Kat to this big building. I had been following behind. Now I was peering in the window. I saw someone notice me. Uh-oh. Cyrus.

"Nadine is hiding outside, looking in on us." he said, though it sounded quite muffled. I came to the door, and opened the door.

"Kat's my friend. I'm not leaving her." I said. My voice was crisp, and I peered at Cyrus. Kat murmured something that sounded approving. I stood beside her. "Not until she tells me to leave."

"No! I said Kat!" Ray said. "But as you're here, tell me who you are."

"I would be Nadine, daughter of Eris. See? Kat and I get along perfectly."

"You're not supposed to be here." Cyrus said. I let my barrier fall away completely. I glared, my eyes cold, blue, and cutting. My pale face accented my now evil expression. Another girl looked at both of us, staring at each other like wolves ready to snap at each other's throats.

"Nadine, I'm Lisa. Ray invited Kat to come, I believe." She turned to Ray. "Now, are you going to send her away?"

"I'm staying until Kat tells me otherwise." I said. "I'm not leaving my only friend I've ever had."

The End

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