Lisa: What's a Quest?

A Satyr approached me and smiled.

"Hello!" I said, I was sitting on the front porch of my cabin, reading a book.

"Hello Lisa, Ray, son of Zeus, requests your presence in the big house," he said.

"Really?" I asked, when he nodded, I ran into my cabin and set my book down on my bed, grabbe dmy brush and ran it through my hair, and looked in my mirror, making sure I didn't look like I'd done absolutely nothing all day. Damn it, mission accomplished, I looked like a hobo. Sighing, I returned outside smiling at the Satyr.

"Ok, lets go,"

I sat down at a seat next to Ray and Cyrus. A girl across the table wearing all black had her boots on the table and a total B.A. air about her. I leaned over to Cyrus,

"What's with her?" I said, jabbing a thumb in the direction of the emo chick.

"Dunno, Ray requested her," my heart sank. He liked emo girls? I could be an emo girl . . . maybe.

"Did a satyr come and get you too?" I whispered to Cyrus.

"Yeah, fraking dragged me all the way here!" I giggled.

"Oh, I had a nice one," I smiled and straightened my shirt and my hair. "But I think that chick got dragged through hell!"

"She's Hades' daughter," said Cyrus.

"Oh, that explains alot, I laughed again and looked over at Mr. D who was now clearing his throat.

"You are all being sent on a quest," he said. Ray and Cyrus smiled, but myself and the other girl gaped at Mr. D.

"Erm," I asked, "What's a quest?"

"It's where you have to prove your love to the Gods, prove that you are worthy,"

"Oh," I said, a little scared.

"Your Quest is this, as proclaimed by the Oracle," said Chiron, "You must retrieve the Sword of Olympus from the place where only the worst of evil roams, Tartorous," I'd heard of Tartorous before, but I never thought that it was real! Then again, I didn't red cows or people making tornadoes with their mind were real before I came to this camp either.

"Cyrus, Ray, Lisa, Kat," so that was her name, "You have been chosen to complete this Quest and return the Sword to Olympus. Do you accept your Quest?" Ray stood beside me.

"Yes," he said.

"Yes, definetly Yes," said Cyrus rising as well.

"Yeah, Whatever," said Kat, looking off into space. I sat in my chair, looking down at my lap.

"Lisa?" said Ray, placing a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into his eyes, and I know right away that he wanted me to go.

I stood, along with two of my friends and a new acquaintance.

"Yes, I accept,"

The End

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