Ray: a quest already?

   For the last couple days i have been learning to properly fight.  The combat tutor tried me with every type of weapon possible, untill we decided that just a sword was fine. How boring.  I learned how to Forge with some of the hephastus kids, i did arts and crafts with the satyrs. It was amazing. The only problem was seeing as i was the only person in the Zeus cabin at the moment i was all alone. And i didnt get to see Lisa. What a drag.

     I heard thunder rumbleing in the distance.  Some kid told me it meant the gods were angry. I wonder what w as going on? I was walking to my cabin after dinner when Chiron called me over to the big house. I walked over, hopeing he wasnt still mad about the whole, destroy some poor tree with my lightning, thing.

"Sit down Ray" He said solemly. "You know the story of Zeus i Presume"

"Yah...he took over mount olympus from Kronus Right?"  I said

I heard the sky rumble

"Some names need not be said.." said Chiron. "But yes, thats what happened..now the gods are afraid that this has become a cycle, that son will destroy father..."

"So, my dad thinks il kill him..great" i said with a snort

"Yes well, so hes forcing us to send you on a quest to prove your love of the gods." he said solemly

A red haired woman stepped into the room, her eyes starting to glaze over. Then she started to speak

"Villians Wail through the night  in the darkest cave"

"The Deepest whole, and worst of fates,this bottomless pit awaits"

"A Boy with hair of ebony shall travel to this place"

"And in it he will find the sword of which his father reigns"

Then her eyes turned normal and she walked away slowly

"Uh...so i take it im going into hades to get a sword" I mumbled

"...oh dear, your being sent to get the Sword of Olympus" He muttered

"The Sword of Oympus?" I replied

"Yes. The Sword of olympus, in the war against the titans, Your father had a mighty sword, in it he placed a fraction of his godly power, and used it to destroy the titans. But some creature stole it from his room on Mount Olympus many years ago...it sounds like your quest is to tartorous..the only help you may have, is that you can choose 3 friends to accompany you"

"Okay.. I want to bring Lisa and Kat" I answered

"Anyone else?" he asked

"Uh..i guess i'll take Cyrus along..he seems to be experenced.." i answered nervously

Chiron turned to a satyr in the room and asked him to get Cyrus, Kat, And Lisa.

My first quest, and i was going to the pits of hell

The End

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