Lisa: Are you all out of lame?

"Well, there's that new emo chick who thinks she's so Chic," I flipped my hair mockingly, "And then there's always that other girl, Eva," I stood on my tip toes like I was walking in heels and used a mock falsetto voice, "I'm like, just so pretty and like I totally love cute things and like duh!" I twirled my hair around one of my fingers and walked around the stadium swaying my hips. I sat down on one of the benches and crossed my legs, fixing my hair in a pretend mirror and pretending to put on make-up. "Give me a break!" I said, getting up. Cyrus glared at me but Zarion was laughing. I smiled and bowed, turning to bow to the whole stadium.

"So," I said to Zarion, "is wind your only power, or did you not have enough lame in you?"

Zarion stuck his nose in the air and turned back to the dummies. I heard him whispering underhis breath, "please work, please work,"

He closed his eyes and I moved over to stand by Cyrus. He cocked an eyebrow at me and I shrugged. I looked into the forest at some squirrels playing, because I figured this wasn't going to be very good. Then, Cyrus tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at Zarion. Zarion had created a huge tornado around his dummy, an his dummy was being thrown from side to side inside it and smacked by dust hands, literally dust hands.

"Cool," I said, staring.

The End

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