Zarion: Being

I left the battle grounds with a lame sword. I should make some freinds with the kids at the forge.  I walked over to where Lisa , and the Helios kid.

" You can burn people!" The Helios kid said loudly that even from my distance I coul hear him. when I finally got close enough I said.

" So what your a human magnifying glass except with more strength." I joked.

" Oh and what makes you any better wind tunnel." She teased me back

" hmmm how true. Controlling the wind is all that awesome. But funny as hell when I do this to people." I make several dumbies fly through the air.

" Unfortunetly dumbies don't have facial expression cause thats the funny part.

" Lame." She said.

" Whatever. I'm bored do you know a good person to send flying through the air?" I asked

The End

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