Lisa: Burned

I saw Cyrus standing by the forest. I ran over to him and placed my folded arm on his shoulder, leaning on him. I blew on my nails looking very conceited.

"You know," I said in a mock egotistical voice, "I could burn it down with my powers!" I motioned towards the forest, wiggling my fingers at it. I looked back at him and he smiled at me.

"I'm sorry about yesterday," he said.

"Nah, its ok. You weren't hurt were you?" he shook his head slowly. "See! Then its all good," I smiled and started walking towards the battle arena. "Let's see what my powers can do!" I said, wiggling my fingers at him. He laughed and jogged with me over to the arena.

"Ok, so do you feel you can do anything?" he asked.

"No," I said skeptically, "Should I?"

"Apollo, lemme think." he tapped his finger on his chin, "Well, he's gotta be fast because he drives the sun across the sky every day, he has control to control what use to be his horses and he when hes angry hes a pain in the ass,"

The sun started to beat down harder on us and Cyrus muttered an apology to the sky.

"Did you just talk to my father?" I asked. Cyrus nodded. Cool!

I stared at one of the dummies, willing something cool to happen.

"Come on," I whispered, "Sun, please?" my finger tips started to tingle. "Hmm," I said. I walked up to the dummy and paced my forefinger on its chest. The material gave way and I'd created a hole right through him. Cyrus gaped at me.

"You, you can burn people!" he said.

"Sweet!" I cried, placing my whole hand on the dummy and creating a hand shaped hole. "Looks liek I could burn down the forest," I laughed and watched small flames tickle the outside of the whole I'd created. It was very cool being a daughter of Apollo, very cool indeed.

The End

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