I watched her kill a flower. "Cool." I said. "I guess all I can do is cause problems. Even though my mother caused the Trojan war, she didn't mean to. Not that she wouldn't have if she knew. She gave me these golden apples."

I picked at the bark on the willow tree. "No one else ever liked her. Well, Ares and her were always causing war together, but still." I pulled off a long strand of bark and took two stones, grinding the bark. It fell in a little pile, and I took the finely ground willow bark in my hand.

"What's that for?" Kat asked.

"It's good for healing, mostly. But I like to burn it. It makes a nice scent, and it doesn't really flame. Mostly just smoke." I took a pack of matches out of my pocket, from among a bunch of other things.

I made a circle of stones, clearing all the debris from inside. I put the willow bark in, and set it aglow. I inhaled the smoke, and Kat smiled.

"It does smell nice." I ground up a bit more willow bark, putting it on the fire. I blew it out, but the smoke kept on drifting upwards. I leaned back against the tree, enjoying the solitude with maybe one of the only other people I could understand.

"Maybe we should go back," I suggested. "I want to go and play a few more tricks."

The End

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