Kat: Bummer


  Talk about party pooper! Cyrus was becoming a pain.  I followed Nadine into the forest. The huge trees blocked out the sun shading everything below in total darkness.

   "Now this is my kind of place."  I smiled sitting down under a willow tree's shade. I leaned my head against the tree. Nadine sat down next to me.

  "You know if we’re going to start a war we need to do when Cyrus isn't looking."  I said to my friends taking off my shades to reveal acid green eyes.

   "Hey what kind of powers do you have?" Nadine asked me.

   I shrugged. "If I look at someone long of enough I can kill them with my gaze, I can take some one's soul to hell, open up the gates of hell, call upon the dead. Anything that Hades can do I can do." I stared down at a flower and watched it blacken and turn to dust.

The End

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