I gave her an exasperated look. "Let's throw these around. You know, make some stupid girls fight over it. Maybe we'll cause a war that way."

"Sounds like fun." We walked over, staying in the shadows of some pine trees. I went over into the sun and threw the apple at Kat. She caught it, and threw it back to me. Lots of people saw the golden apple, and surrounded us. As it flew through the air, some tried to grab it. But, of course they never got it.

Finally I caught it, and threw a bad shot, on purpose. It landed among a group of girls, who all stared at it. I took another golden apple out of my pocket and threw it to Kat. The girls, knowing that I didn't want the apple anymore, started fighting.

"For the fairest." I said quietly. Kat stopped to watch. I walked over and picked the apple up. "Who wants it?" I asked. Everyone in the vicinity nodded and shouted. I threw it away. They all ran after it.

I watched as one girl picked it up. "For the fairest." she whispered. The gleam of the apple entranced her.

"Who's the fairest?" another asked. Of course, they all were shouting, saying they were the fairest.

"Who threw the golden apple?" I heard. It was Cyrus, blinding bright. He took the golden apple from the girl that held it. "Nadine!" I smirked.

"Yes, that would be mine." I said. "I mearly dropped it while playing with Kat."

"Daughter of Hades? What a fitting match!" he tossed the apple in the air. It would have landed in the dust, had it not been for my hold over the apple. It came towards me, landing in my hand.

"Thank you!" I said. I turned to Kat. "Let's go to the forest or something. I need to get away from him. You do too. Let's go."

The End

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