Zarion: Claimed

Chiron told the ares kid off, and gave me a warning. 

" Yes sir. " I  mumbled .  " What happenes if my father or mother is a minor god which hut do I go to? " I ask

" We are done building a minor god hut." He repleid

" Okay."  I said

A little later on I was taught how to wield a sword I was okay with the bows but I've always perferred swords to bows.  I was sparring like I knew what i was doing but i really didn't it was all instinct. I ducked under my oppenents blade then I slice upwards fast enough that it disarmed to him. 

" Nice one." The others studens cheer.  I would be so usless without my agility. 

The guy I was fighing was disapointed he's been training to be a masterswords menst for the last several months and lost to a newbie. I felt bad for the guy but he didn't need to lose his temper. I wasn't sure who his god parent was but it looked like he was going to beat me to pulp. He charged forwards I could have moved but instead a large hust of wind picked him up and threw him far off.

The crowd all Murmurs "Aeolus, god of the wind." It made sense I ran like the wind.

The End

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