I stared shell shocked at the horror before me. This was not a luxury cruse. I turned to find my mother’s limo speeding away. Darn it! She lied! I suspected this to be my mother’s try to get me out of the house.  My lips turned down into their classic scowl and i kicked a rock with one of my black cow boy boots sending it flying. 

  I kicked the dust screaming out my frustration. How dare she trick me! Mother had promised hot spas and cute boys not mosquitoes and hot cabins. I felt like a fool for believing her. 

 I looked down at myself an idea forming. I could hitch hick myself back home right? For an Emo chick I was pretty hot. My outfit consisted of my black cowboy boots, fishnet stockings green short and a black tank top. I popped open a hand mirror checking my makeup. Both my eyes were framed with black eyeliner and glitter green eye shadow.  All 12 of my sliver piercings sparkled as the moon shinned down on them. 

  Ok...maybe I wasn't the cutest but that wasn't going to stop me from going home! I flipped my long black hair stripped with neon green.

  "Are you Kat?"

  I turned going to give the person a good scowl but changed my mind when I saw how cute he was.

  I smiled. "Yes that me."

 "Oh, so your Hades daughter." The guy looked me up and down and frowned.

  I held my smile since he's cute it doesn't matter if he's weird. "Excuse me?"

 "Hades daughter your know god of death?"

  I frowned. "I know who Hades is but why are you saying I’m his daughter?"

   The guy whistled. "So no one told you? This is camp half-blood all the kids that go here are children of gods."

 I dropped my hand mirror. "You’re saying my mother did it with Hades?"

  "I guess you can put it like that."


    The guy raised one eyebrow.

   "Mother is so cool! She got down and dirty with a god! Not just any god but Hades!  Who's like the coolest thing since glitter eye shadow!" Ok this is one Emo girls dream came true. 

  The guy shook his head.  "Well Kat welcome to camp half-blood."

  I Kat Hilton, 15 year old, rich emo girl is s daughter of Hades! Hades! How cool is that?

The End

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