Lisa: To your Cabins

"Guys stopped!" I yelled a final time, my voice getting hoarse. Then, Ray yelled the cry of a true warrior and a huge lightning bolt fell from the sky, nearly burning Cyrus to a crisp. When everything seemed calmer, I ran over to Cyrus, making sure he was ok.

"Cyrus! Are you burned?" I asked, touching the left side of his clothes, where he would've been burned. I looked at his face and he was staring at Ray, I giggled. He glared at me.

"What?" he demanded.

"You're missing an eyebrow," I chuckled. I saw his mouth waver into a smile but he held it in a frown, staring daggers at Ray.

"Get off me," he yelled and threw my hands off of his shoulders. He walked back to his cabin and slammed the door behind him. I stood there, watching after him. He'd never yelled at me before. A tear trickled down my cheek but I quickly wiped it away.

I turned back to Ray, and he was staring at me. I walked over to him, smiling.

"Son of Zeus eh?" I asked.

"Huh?" he looked dazed. "Oh, yeah," he laughed lightly and smiled. A large man walked around to the cabins then and raised his arms.

"To your cabins everyone! Immediately!" he yelled. I waved good-bye and Good night to Ray and ran off to my cabin. When I'd been in the Big House, Mr. D had told me that there was no one in the Apollo cabin right now, and he was right. I had it all to myself.

I was too tired to look around the cabin, so I just dropped onto my bed and figured I could sleep off today and pick up my bags and my red cow tomorrow. I slipped off my shoes and curled up under my covers, easily drifting off to sleep.

The End

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