Eva: wait. what?

This camp was very busy, lots more fighting than expected. If my father had known this...boy o boy would he have kept me at home. Even the mainland was less violent than here. But I didn't mind-I knew nobody could get hurt. They are all demi-gods after all.

I felt slightly smug to see the boy messing around with that son of Ares. I should find him later...if I could catch up. Any enemy of Ares was an ally of mine. But Cyrus' friend Lisa-she was described in a much nicer light than I picked up. I could tell she really didn't hold me in high respect-the way she looked at me. It was derogatory. It angers me sometimes that people don't really take in the real me. Ok, I know I have my mother's looks and I'm not exactly ashamed of them...but she had me down as a complete bimbo. I don't wear make up...I can't help it if I'm pretty.

Somtimes it can be a curse.

And then Cyrus and the other boy started fighting. Suddenly the walls broke down between Lisa and I for a moment-we didn't want any conflict. Especially as I knew these boys were clearly fighting over Lisa. And then nobody saw the lightning coming. I jumped back out of fright. This was way above any powers I had...when I was claimed it was a day at the beach with my father...and a locket floated out of the sea onto the shore where we were building a sandcastle. I was six. It was a spit of the shell she came out of, and had a tiny woman inside, which twirled while a small tune tinkled. It played through my brain and then we knew I wasn't just a normal kid who had come across a lost relic.

Back in the Aphrodite dorm I greeted a half-sister or two and settled down, but I still lay awake that night wondering. Wondering about who the quick boy who hated the son of Ares was. He would definitely be a friend, I smirked to myself. And about Lisa and her two warriors. Poor Cyrus...Mostly wondering about him, and the bolt of lightning.

Shooting right through the camp and clearly leaving a mark.

The End

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