Ray: Im HIS son?

   Needless to say, my head ached like  a female dog. Provided with the fact that i was confuzed, and tired from already defeating a hydra, Cyrus was REALLY making me angry.   

   He tried to punch me in the gut, he swung back, then i drew my knee back and slammed his stomech. He went to draw a blade.

  I felt worried, i didn't have a sword, i wasn't armed. Im going to die. im going to....

         I felt another yell escape  my throat.  The  normally blue  clear skies  were soon crowded by dark storm clouds; And then a flash as a lightning bolt flashed down and struck the ground right next to Cyrus. His right eyebrow was singed off, and his hair was smoking, but it seemed to have missed him.

"What in the world?!" Yelled one of the campes

Lisa stared at me, a scared look in here eyes.

"Uh...opps?" I said chuckling

"He has been claimed.." said Chiron

  Everyone was looking at somthing over my head. I looked up. There was a halographic lightning bolt shimmering above it.

 "Your..a son of Zeus?" Said Cyrus, clearly shocked.

"...apparently" i said still  surprized

The End

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