Lisa: Oh Crap

When Ray and I heard the yelling of the campers shouting "Fight! Fight! Fight!" we smiled at each other and ran over there. Although my head was completely kerfuffled with the thought of Apollos being my father, I was able to push those thoughts away into a seperate file to think about later.

"There shall be no fighting on instructional time!" shouted one of the teachers, I assumed. Ray gave me a worried look and we back off a bit and pretended we were talking so as not to be associated with the fight. We ended up actually talking, and we were wlaking around the fight to the cabins. Ray was talking about how he'd ended up coming to the camp.

"I had to fight a Hydra," he said.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah right!" I said, lightly punching his shoulder. He pushed me back and I giggled as we passed Cyrus and and aphrodite chick. Great, a popular- "Oh I'm so fantastical, World peace to every-one!"-chiuaua-purse-holding-too-much-makeup-wearing-Drama-Queen. My favourite kind of people. She smiled at me and I smiled a cocky grin back.

"Hey Cyrus! What's up?" I asked. My arm was intertwined with Ray's and I was still laughing. Cyrus got a weird look in his eyes and came down the steps of his cabin to talk to me.

"Nothing much, just been hanging with Eva," he said, his jaw was lightly clenched.

"Oh cool, Me Ray and Zarion were touring the camp grounds. And I might be Apollo's daughter," I said, smiling.

"Cool," he said, quietly.

"I thought so," complimented Ray, smiling at me. My heart did a little flutter. Cyrus' hands curled into fists and he punched Ray right in the face!

"Cyrus!" I exclaimed.

"You look at her like a freaking piece of meat you Dou**e!" he yelled before going at Ray again. Ray faked an uppercut and punched Cyrus in the stomach.

"Oh Crap," I said. Running over to them trying to break them up, "Come on guys!"

The End

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