Zarion: Be angry at me

" Don't worry about me." I flashed beside to the girl yelling at ares kid. 

" You should worry what I can do to him.So be angry at me" I joked returning to Ares kid.

" If I wasn't so fast you would probably beat me to a pulp but since I'am this fast its the other way. I suggest you leave me alone." I said darkly

One thing I didn't know is Are kids don't back down or listen to reason. He charges at me. At the last moment I move 5 feet of his reach he continued to run after me as I continued to always apear 5 feet ahead of him.

" Let me beat you you coward." He yelled in frusteration

" Coward I think not." I say calmy tripping him, " Done making an arse of yourself. Because I won't lay a hand on you and you can't catch me." 

This didn't disuade him. Fine if he wants it.  He gets up and tries uppercutme . I catch his fist knee him in the chest then kick him in to the air.  

The others didn't seem to be happy about the fight.

" Self defence?" I ask

Chiron comes up behind

" There shall be no fighting out of instructional time!" He looked cross

The End

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