Eva: cheers, genetics.

The coke felt so good running down my throat-my father always used to ban food and drink that he called "artificial". He was only trying to protect me-didn't want his daughter getting unhealthy. The thing he always failed to notice was that my immune system was (half) perfect. I didn't need to take precautions: full fat coke for me. Thank you, genetics.

Cyrus and I joked and talked for a while. I learnt about how he had brought his friend Lisa along, and she must be another demi-goddess because she was let in, and also how she had met some other guy and gone la-la over him. Cyrus sounded a little annoyed at this, and I could tell he was feeling abandoned. I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder. 'It's Ok,' I reassured him with a smile. 'She sounds like a good friend, I'm sure she won't ditch you for this Ray type.'

'Thanks.' Cyrus looked back, and I noticed the golden colour of his eyes. Trusting, and a good person. I like to think I have a heightened judgement of character-I think it's more a gift from my mortal father, but with being demi-goddess it must be a little stronger than my other senses. Suddenly Cyrus' fire pictures flickered again, and I took my hand away from fear of making them disappear. 'Tell me the story of Persephone, please.' I looked eagerly as Cyrus started to shape the flames again. This was always my favourite story that my father used to tell me. It was a distorted love story, and happy but sad all at the same time.

Just then we heard a slight commotion outside. Sounded like a fight... Cyrus and I both came out of the cabin and stood on the steps, keeping our distance.  I could have sworn there had been like three fights since I'd arrived-for demi-gods everyone seemed a little slack at keeping civil. Then again, when were the gods and goddesses of Olympus ever civil? A boy was picking himself up off the ground, whereas a son of Ares, by the looks of things, was threatening him. I immediately felt my face darken, and Cyrus picked up on this. He tried to stop me but I couldn't resist myself.

'Hey, war boy, what do you think you're doing to him?'

The son of Ares looked up, and I bit my lip, wondering what to do next.

The End

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