I can outrun demons, cars , and she just beat me. In a blink of an eye I stand in front of her. 

" Apollo huh. Atleast you know what god your from. I still don't know." 

" Probably something Lame." She said

" Watch it." I said jokingly

I look behind me Ray looked a little jealouse. Okay then just a friend conversation.

"Well I'm going to explore this camp in a minutes time." I said leaving in a flash.  

What was he all jealous about? If he likes her , well thats cool I just don't have any care for anyone else at the moment. Wrong I look tell my left and I see an Aphrodite girl. I fall head over heals and slide onto someones feet. 

" You lookin for a fight? Obviously a son of Ares." He said

" No."

" Move it then!" He shouted

" Calm it bud. haven't your heard the phrase excuse me?" I ask

I recieve a punch to the face.

" Thats not nice to do when someone  is trying to teach you manners." I say pratoninzingly.

" Shut it." He said going for another punch

This time I saw it coming and he was on the ground still extending his punch.

" Sorry I can't let you hurt me , and I have no want to hurt you. Later though perhaps."

The End

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