Lisa: Who's Apollo?

"Yes!" I cried, pumping my fist into the air. I did a little victory dance but I didn't hear Ray laughing like he had last time. I opened my eyes. They were both staring at the tracks I'd made ten or twenty feet back. I'd flown in front of them, but I'd just assumed it was a second wind! It was a second flame.

"What the heak?" said Zorion, crouching down to my fiery tracks.

Two straight lines went from half way down the hill to where I stood now.

"Woah," I said, staring. Some of the kids came to see wherre the smoke was coming from.

"She burned the field!" cried one kid. I blushed and I knew my face was redder than my cows.

"Who are you!?" asked another kid.

"L-Lisa," I said quietly.

"Who's cabin are you in?"asked the first kid who'd yelled that I'd burnt the field.

"I d-don't know," I stuttered, I hated when people interrogated me.

"Maybe it's Helos!" "No! It's gotta be Ares!" "Wait! Maybe it's Apollo!"

"Who's Apollo?" I asked. The sun peeked silently over a cloud, and I stood up straighter, rolling my shoulders back. The sun always gave me strength.

"He's the god of the sun!"

No way, I thought. I can't be Apollo's daughter!

The End

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