Cyrus: Company

It was wierd having an Aphrodite kid in my cabin, the first thing I thought was, Gods she was beautiful, it's what you get for being the child of the God of love, but I was used to it. My father had the ability to see everything, I could see the girl inside the woman, it was more beautiful than her.

"So what brings you here?" I asked, she stood awkwardly at the door way, then confidently sat on one of the couches.

"I was just curious really, please keep making those shapes," I smiled and held my hand out again, played the story of Aphrodite, Ares and Hephaestus. I got up to the part where they were trapped in the net when I realised it was causing her discomfort.

"Sorry, did I do something to upset you?" she shook her head and tried to laugh it off.

"Nothing, it just, reminds me of who my mother is," she said. I thought that she didn't need to put up a face with me, but I figured it was best left unsaid, "so how long have you been here?" she asked.

"8 years," I held up my necklace with 8 unique beads, "a long time, I'm so used to it now it feels normal, and for some reason that doesn't feel right," she nodded.

"That is wierd, how can you get used to running from monsters, or even killing them, but then look at this place, it is so beautiful you forget about whats waiting out there for you," she looked out the cabin, at the forests and the beech in the distance.

"You know I bet people don't appreciate how intelligent you are," I remarked, she laughed then, sincerely, and I brought out two cans of coke, she stared at them greedily and I threw it to her.

"Isn't coke prohibited?" she asked suddenly after the can hissed open.

"Yep," I smiled mischievously and looked left and right, lowering my voice, "it's amazing what you can get off the Hermes cabin for a little favour."

"What was the favour?"

"I just burnt some evidence," I laughed and she joined in. It felt good to have company, after I lost him.

The End

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