Eva: inheritant curiosity.

I looked around the Aphrodite cabin.

Just me. Fun. I groaned as I heaved my bags onto a bed. Father had said here was where I could make friends, see other people like me. But it seems my mother only made one mistake of falling for a mortal-me. I suppose it makes me a little bit proud of my father, but on the other hand... nobody understands my pain. I went out for a walk, pretty saddened. I sauntered past the fainted eleven year old from earlier, and inwardly smirked as his friends immediately grabbed hold of his arms on catching sight of me. I turned and waved and the boy feebly flapped his hand a few times, his mouth slightly open.

I went immediately past the Mars cabin, and the Vulcan one. Guys who were married to my mother, or seeing her nonetheless, were trouble in my books. I'd seen how sad my father got at the mere mention of these names, so I certainly did not want to associate myself with any of them. There was a slightly empty-ish cabin, the symbol of which I didn't recognise, so I slowly opened the door. Curiosity was always a weakness of mine-I suppose it was curiosity that led my mother to my father so it isn't a surprise I am exactly the same. The heat was the first thing that hit me-I didn't like it. Naturally in my cabin there was a slight sea breeze, as my mother was found from the froth of the ocean, so this was a big climate change. I fanned at myself but still went in, to find a boy around my age making shapes in the fire. He turned around and was surprised to see me 'Oh!' His fire shapes bent out of shape and hurriedly flickered back into the flames.

'I'm sorry,' I started 'only...there doesn't seem to be anyone from my cabin around. I was being nosy, I'll leave.'

'No!' He said it almost as a reflex action, but then I realised he wasn't staring at my form and suddenly this stranger went up in my estimation. He was just looking at my face-which, truth be told is genetically beautiful- without any sign of primal desire. Not like the others. 'You can stay here if you want, it's nice to have the company. Sorry about the heat.' He held out a hand, the fingertips slightly brown with fire embers. 'I'm Cyrus, son of Helios.'

'I'm Eva,' I hesitated to tell him my mother, but then remembered my gut instinct of trust towards this boy and went forward, shaking his hand. 'daughter of Aphrodite.'

The End

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