Cyrus: Melancholy

My heart lurched when I saw the cows of Helios' cattle that he had apparently offered to Apollo, it was like my dad was finally answering my prayers.

But as we walked I felt slightly miffed, Lisa had come to visit me and join the camp, two seconds she's here and she falls head over heals for a guy, typical. I didn't know why this bothered me so much, I walked with my head down trying to figure out why this was. Not only this, Percy had made sure that the Gods were supposed to reveal their children by the time they were 13, so why didn't they know who their parents were then?

I saw a third new arrival, it was strange, all these new people all at pretty much the same time. I spotted Marcus, an Ares kid and gave him a nod of mutual irritation. The only thing that was keeping me there was my duty to explain what was happening, but when Chiron appeared I slipped away.

I went towards the climbing wall in a dark mood, something wasnt right.

As I approached it I saw Amber in the distance talking to the Athena kid, I smiled and waved, she returned it and I warmed up a little but continued alone, always alone.

I tried climbing for ages, until I was so tired I almost dropped from the wall like a dead fly.

In the end I went back to my little cabin, the Helios cabin proudly holding the symbol of the sun, a large golden disc. It was newly built for when I was claimed, bright like gold. Inside the place was pretty open letting in streams of light, I liked light, I healed in it and felt stronger, but in the centre was a large roaring fire that never burned down. It was sweltering but luckily I could cope with the heat.

I did what I always did whilst waiting for dinner, I sat on one of the sofas and played with the fire making all sorts of images.

The End

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