Zarion: Camp

The warriors took me back to this camp like place. Well more Like dragged because I was content sitting around new york. Unfortunetly this beat me up more becuase they seemed to be on similar level to me even though I could still kick thier bottoms they was more than them than me.  Eventually I gave up like 5 minutes before our destination.

" Good riddance we got rid your such pain."  They mumbled

I was more beaten up by the trip then by the actual demons.  I picked my beaten butt off the ground and dust off my long jacket that went down to my ankles.  I put my hand through my short black hair that would keep the shape of whatever my hands  shaped it into. I spiked it up. Shortly afterwards these kids came running across the field like a strange heard of Buffalo I got myself into a defensive posistion.  No one could beat me speed wise so far that I had met.  Instead they stopped and the girl was doing a victory dance.  A little wierd a boy came a little afterwards. 

" Hi I'm Ray and this here Is lisa." said the boy. 

My eyes narrowed

" I should tell you why?" I said dangerously

" Hey cool it we are only being friendly." Said lisa

" I would be more than friendly if I wasn't beaten my whole way here. I just got dragged from my house and everything I knew after beinh chased by demons. Then some Idiots come in with bronze sword save my life. Then bring me here. It isn't that fun when no one told you anything." I said calmly

" Look I'll make it simple." Said a voice behind me.

 I turn around to see a Centuar.

" Let me guess chiron if this indeed is all greek." I say

" Yes, here the condensed version. You are a Demi god son, to whichever god. You have inhuman skills.  All the greek mythology are real." Can I make it any more condensed

" No you can't. Thanks." I say to him

" Names Zarion. Now I saw you just had foot race their I bet I could beat you. Because I run faster than the wind sometimes." I said challenging them.


The End

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