Lisa: I win!

I felt my face go beet red and heat up when Ray asked me if I'd slapped his butt. Had I though about it? Yeah, sure. Did I have the guts to do it? Hell no! I looked away and pet my new cow.

When we got out of the forest, Ray spotted a new kid. He looked kinda beat up.

"Hey Cyrus," Cyrus looked up and his eyes brightened when I called his name, "Can you get some more of the amfrosia,"

"Ambrosia, Lisa," he sighed.

"Yeah, ambrosia. That kid looks hurt," I pointed to the top of the hill with my hand that wasn't holding the cow. "Ray and I are going to go see who it is, right Ray?" I looked at him and he smiled in approval. My heart did a little dance in my chest but I managed a steady smile back as I worked on my breathing. Ray took my cow and before I could protest tied it to a tree.

"Come on," he said, "Race ya!" he hurried ahead of me and I ran after him, my feet beating the ground. I moved faster and faster, catching up to him, then I was ahead of him, tearing up the field as I made my way to the hill.

"I win!" I cried, thrusting my arms in the air and doing a victory dance. When I heard Ray laughing I immediately stopped and put my arms by my sides, chuckling nervously. We turned and went up the hill to the boy, again about my age, standing at the top of the hill.

"Hi, I'm Ray," said Ray when we reached the kid, "And this is Lisa, who are you?"

The End

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