Ray:Great more possible compotition

I walked out of the woods with Lisa by my side, when i felt my butt get slapped.

"Owch, What was that?" I turned to see noting there but a  bunch of trees "Was that you?"

Lisa turned bright red. "No no no, it wasn't i swear"

I heard one of the trees giggle.  Great, Dryads  are real too.

"First girls now trees, what else am i going to attract, Goats?" i thought in my head.

Then i saw a female satyr look my way and wave.

"Oh Sweet Jesus." i muttered.

So after  that me and Lisa walked down the hill and towards the big  house. Then i looked towards the big oak tree, and saw a new kid walk by.
"Huh,. another new kid" i said to lisa.

The End

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